All about the stitching: FWK by Engineered Garments Hartford Jacket

December 25, 2012 by joy

FWK Engineered Garments Hartford Jacket

In New York, having a great jacket is critical. Unlike other cities where your clothing’s only exposure to the elements may be the short walk to the car, in New York, they have a lot to put up with.  Your jacket  is your cover as you make your way through the streets, from the walk to the subway to your stop at the deli to the bar later that night for a quick drink. Aside from looking good, it also needs to be functional – keeping you warm, shielding you from the wind, perhaps serving as an impromptu umbrella. Most importantly, it needs to stand out from the crowd. In a city of eight million, you don’t want to be sharing the same cover as 10 other women on the subway tracks.

When I spotted the Hartford jacket by FWK Engineered Garments at Nepenthes, I knew it would have a place in my closet. At the time, I had been going to Nepenthes with Jeff (the boy of boy&joy) for a few months and admired all of the Engineered Garments pieces. Engineered Garments started off as a men’s line by Daiki Suzuki. Daiki is a Japanese-born American designer who was one of the first buyers of Woolrich fashion in Japan. He started Engineered Garments in 1999 and came out with the women’s line, FWK, in 2010. As soon as I saw the small women’s area in Nepenthes, I made moves to choose something to bring home.

The details:

  • Color: Dark grey
  • 3 buttons
  • 100% flannel wool shell
  • 100% cotton lining
  • 62% acetate/38% rayon sleeve lining (jacket is fully lined)
  • 4 front pockets: 2 flap hip pockets, ticket pocket, welt breast pocket
  • Center vent
  • Great all around stitch detail

Why I love it:

  • It has a slight boxy fit so it’s great for layering. You can wear it as soon as it starts to get slightly cool in the fall with just a t-shirt underneath and continue to wear it into the early winter months over a cashmere sweater and scarf. The wool shell keeps me warm even through December.
  • It can serve as blazer in the super cold winter months. When it starts snowing in New York, I’ve taken to buttoning it all the way up and wearing it underneath a large duffel coat.
  • I get a compliment on the stitching detail every time I wear it.
  • In the 2 years I’ve had it, I have yet to see another woman in New York wearing it.
  • The ticket pocket is a great place to keep your metrocard.

FWK Engineered Garments Hartford Jacket front details

Check out the stitching around the shoulders and elbow pads.FWK Engineered Garments Hartford Jacket back details

My jacket was from the fall/winter 2010 collection. Check out the fall/winter 2012 FWK collection here or in person at Nepenthes. If you can’t make it to NYC, you can buy FWK online here, here, and here.

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